Blocked Drain Southern Highlands

Do you have a clogged toilet or drain? To clean your blocked drain or toilet, contact Greenough Plumbing Service immediately. Greenough Plumbing Service is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, to remove clogged drains.

We offer the right drain cleaning solution for your blocked kitchen or bathroom drains and your clogged toilet. We provide service vans with all necessary equipment for clearing blocked drains in the Southern Highlands and professional blocked drain plumbers. When we get your call, one of our skilled drain plumbers will arrive at your location with a service van to resolve your clogged drain problem as quickly as possible.


People in the Southern Highlands are strongly recommended to take preventative measures to avoid severe drain blockages. It should be a practice to check labels before flushing or throwing anything away in the sink. Rather than flushing oils and fats down the drain, they should be disposed of separately. You can avoid blockage-related plumbing issues with general knowledge, extra caution, and regular upkeep of your gutter lines.


We offer clogged drain cleaning services in the Southern Highlands 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re trustworthy, devoted, and arrive at our client’s location on time. If you’ve ever had a problem with a plumber who failed to show up for an appointment and left you waiting for far too long for them to remedy the situation, give us a try, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Our drain professionals have received specialized training in detecting and fixing clogged and damaged drains. Our vans are outfitted with the most cutting-edge drain clearing and finding equipment available, allowing us to locate the obstruction quickly and offer long-term remedies to resolve the issue.

Regular plumbers frequently lack the experience and equipment needed to tackle complicated clogged drain situations and may cause significant damage and mess to your home without resolving the issue. Blocked drains in the Southern Highlands require the expertise of a professional. So call us today!


A water jet is our favorite way of unclogging your clogged drains. Water jetters have the power to dislodge and push whatever is clogging your drains out of the way, leaving no material behind that might cause your gutters to stop again in the future.

No! While the producers claim that these wipes are flushable, we have observed clogged drains caused by them; therefore, to avoid blocked drains, only flush toilet paper, which has a better chance of dissolving and preventing sewage system blockage.

A build-up of trash, silt, and leaves is often the source of a blockage in the external drainage system, particularly around grates, grids, and guttering. Alternatively, the dreaded fats, oils, and grease around sink discharge pipes might be the culprit (FOG).

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